Matt and Chris Super 8 Wedding Film Cornwall

The lovely wedding of Matt and Chris, 21-07-2012. Continue reading Matt and Chris Super 8 Wedding Film Cornwall

Morning frost Macro Photography

Testing a new macro lens in the morning frost. Taken handheld, not advisable when you are freezing your ass off.

frozen morning

Frozen Plant Macro

Ice on Metal Texture


morning frost

morning frost macro

ice texture macro

ice texture

Frozen plant macro

Morning Frost Macro photography

DIY 8mm & Super 8 telecine Lens Test (Kodachrome 8mm)

A few frame grabs from a dirty old roll of Kodak Kodachrome 40 8mm film.  I found this film with a box of super 8 and 8mm gear I won off ebay so dont know when or when this film was shot

Burnt 8mm Found Footage

Dirty old 8mm plane landing

Dirty old 8mm mountain ruin

Still not set up correctly so not getting full camera resolution.

Friday the 13th

Found few old handheld animation pics I took while testing a new digital camera. Had some spare time on Friday the 13th so got in the spirit and bloodied them up in after effects.

Cymru to Kernow

An old bit of Super 8mm I shot around 2009/10 when travelling from Wales to Cornwall

Super 8mm Film Scanner

Home Made Super 8mm Scanner Start

The start of my quest to build a Super 8mm Film Scanner.
WW2 Super 8mm


Hitler Invades Poland Super 8mm

WW2 Fighter Plane Super 8mm

Disney Super 8mm Scan
Disney Super 8mm

Disney test super 8mm

Super 8mm Wedding Video Scan

Screen grabs from my first steps into the world of the home made frame by frame Super 8mm scanner.

Images from 60s/70s ww2 newsreel, Disney home movie and more recent kodak 100d wedding film shot in Cornwall.


The Beatles…….All You Need Need Is 8mm

George Harrison shooting some 8mm, 1963
George Harrison shooting some 8mm, 1963George Harrision 8mm 1963

Paul McCartney Super 8

Projecting some 8mm
Projecting some 8mm

Anastasia and Rich Super 8 Wedding Film

The wedding of Anastasia and Richard captured on Super 8mm motion picture film, 10/08/13.

Continue reading Anastasia and Rich Super 8 Wedding Film

8mm. If it’s good enough for The Queen

8mm…………Royal Style

The Queen shooting a bit of 8mm
The Queen shooting a bit of 8mm

The Queena nd King Mahendra shotting 8mm

R.I.P Jacob Cockle

Unfortunately today I received the horrible news of the death of Cornish Photographer Jacob Cockle. Continue reading R.I.P Jacob Cockle